Nicola-Cooper_Logo-02-300x280Nicola Cooper’s work mainly consists of exploring trends in politics, technology and lifestyle habits and how they effect changes in fashion, pop culture and subcultures. She is the senior trend analyst and head of the fashion, culture and lifestyle division at FLUX trends in Johannesburg. Cooper received her Diploma in outcome-based facilitation, BA in Visual Arts and is pursuing her MA in Fine Art. It is her job to delve deep into discovering and analyzing the origins of trends, how they came about and in what ways they are affecting people. Always inspired by South Africa’s creativity and innovative way of styling, Cooper will always be a fan of street wear and watching how it trickles up to runway fashion. In September of 2015 she curated a show called Hypersampling Identities, Jozi Style in collaboration with The Visual Identities in Art and Design Research Center (VIAD), Daniella Goeller and the FADA Gallery at the University of Johannesburg . The exhibition consists of contemporary garments, photos, films, installations and other archival materials that all highlighted different subcultural individuals and groups, design collectives and photographers that are producing in South Africa.


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