logo-1Margot Molyneux LLC was established in 2009 with a small collection of womenswear styles and has since grown into producing a broad collection of garments, fit for many lifestyles. It has expanded to a team of four, with each person playing a vital role in the production of each garment. Its important to Molyneux that not only these garments communicate South African identity but incite more pride into that identity. Margot and her team find inspiration in everything that surrounds them and they know it’s the socio economics of South Africa that are also reflected in their work. In their small team of experts Margot made it a priority to pay a living wage to every worker. Margot and her team continue to design and even further their Poncho Project, distributing protective clothing to the homeless of Cape Town.

Website: https://margotmolyneux.com/
Facebook:  Margot Molyneux Clothing

images from: HINTERLAND COLLECTION AW ’16 by Ricardo Simal