“I was curious about the whole thought process – from concept to execution – bearing in mind that fashion is much more than clothes and fabrics.”

Born in East London, South Africa, LukhanyoMdingi has been living in Cape Town for the past four years. Having graduated from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, he was also a finalist in the Elle Rising Star Design Award, recognized for his sophisticated designs. Since he was 16 years old, Mdingi has been intrigued by the beauty and vivacity of life in South African small towns. Lukhanyo Mdingi’s aesthetic is about a disciplined order fused with an organic structure. His textiles are traditionally sourced yet applied in an avant-garde manner. For him, South African fashion is driven by perseverance and creativity. He is famous for combining contrasting materials and textures in innovative silhouettes. With five collections under his belt, Mdingi is one of the most promising talents of South Africa fashion.