“Aesthetic appeal is the foundation for design. Beauty, mystery, interest, grandeur and glamour are all means of fascination and therefore central to our wellbeing. Design may be conceptual but it always has to have aesthetic appeal. My desire is to find the fine balance between sophistication and quirkiness, mixing two far-removed stories to create something cohesive and beautiful.”

Founded by Eleni Labrou, AKEDO is an initiative to rethink African design with tactile quality of clothes. Labrou was Fastrack Designer of the Year in 2013 and one of the designers for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014. Graduated from LISOF-the premier design school in Cape Town, Labrou aims to find a line between minimalism and elegant dressing with a quirky unexpected element. Fringes, trims and tactile fabrics are used extensively to bring a contemporary feel to what is traditionally African. She is inspired by diverse visual sources such as films, books and magazines, as evident from her collections which are often rich with colors, texture and patterns.



Website: http://www.akedo.co.za/
Facebook: AKEDO
Instagram: @akedo_official

images from: 2016 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo