“I have always been inspired by both the majesty and understated beauty of this fragile blue green planet of ours. I believe in creating. I believe in quality. I believe in honesty to materials. I believe in doing things differently. I believe companies can do more, be more.”

Modern, personal, unique: Ashley Heather’s jewelry breathes new life into reclaimed precious metal. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Heather is passionate about sustainable design and committed to giving consumers ethical jewelry options. South African fashion, to her, is unexpected be it bold or subtle. She is inspired by landscapes and architecture, refining massive scale inspiration to its simplest possible features and in a drastically smaller scale. With a background in fine arts and metalworking, she gravitates toward the geometric and minimalist in her projects. Heather explores the complex relationship between global and local fashion in her work while reducing environmental waste in South Africa. She is passionate about single source recycling and sustainable entrepreneurship.

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photo credit: artist’s website