Jenevieve Lyons brings a highly conceptual focus to her fashion design. She draws from many fields of study and reinterprets them into clothing. For example her line for Autumn/Winter 2016 is titled Macula meaning spot or freckle. The inspiration for the collection was the movie Moshanyana, which is the story of an albino boy with freckles. For the collection, Lyons views freckles as an imperfection to celebrate rather than conceal. As in many of her collections, she pushes against the idea of what is beautiful and what is ugly. She designs for customers who are fashion conscious and able to appreciate the intricately constructed yet minimalist pieces. The brand presents both a runway collection and a ready-to-wear line of both women’s wear and menswear.


Website: http://www.jenevievelyons.co.za/
Instagram: @jenevieve_lyons
Facebook: Jenevieve Lyons

images: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo