Loux The Vintage Guru

Lorens “Loux” Gebhardt has brought international attention to Namibian style thanks to his Tumblr, “Loux the Vintage Guru.” The impeccably dressed stylist and tailor, was born and raised in Windhoek. Rather than achieving his put together looks by spending a lot on clothing, he prides himself on dressing in vintage He took inspiration for his vintage style from his grandfather who grew up in northern Namibia as well as his father. Loux works as an internal auditor but since starting his blog in 2013 has learned to sew and has begun creating his own designs. He has shown his work at the Retro Vintage Kolektion Fashion Week in Pretoria. He also won Best Male Designer at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in Ghana in 2014.

While Loux is the face of the blog, the photographs of him are the work of a number of talented photographers from Namibia and South Africa including Harness Hamese, Tonyshouz, Moss Papamoshe and Lukas Amakali.


Tonyshouz, the creative moniker of Tony Maake, studied microbiology at Stellenbosch University. He works at the National Research Foundation Institute for Wine Biotechnology. At the same time, he is also an avid photographer and fashion stylist. In 2015 one of his photographs was selected out of 1500 entrants to be showcased at the International Anti-Corruption Conference in Malaysia under the theme “Capture Corruption.” Tony grew up in Katlehong, a township about 20 miles east of Johannesburg and is the first person in his family to go to college. He now uses his camera to educate others and break down barriers.
Website: http://tonyshouz.tumblr.com/
Instagram: @tonyshouz

Papamoshe (Mapusha Trevor)

Papamoshe studied in the pharmacy program at Medical University of South Africa in Pretoria and now works as a pharmacist. He also works with the Timeless Collective, a group of photographers, videographers, writers, stylists and fashion designers. Website: http://timelesscollective.tumblr.com/
Instagram: @papamoshe

Lukas Amakali

Lukas Amakali is a Namibian photographer born in Windhoek. He attended the College of the Arts Namibia and has a number of solo exhibitions of his photography. Much of his recent work involves double-exposure photography in which two exposures are superimposed in one image. This style of photography allows him to show a world of blurred boundaries and overlapping cultures such as Oshiwambo culture juxtaposed against urban dynamics.
Facebook: Lukas Amakali
Instagram: @bobjubahriamakali

Harness Hamese

Hamese’s photographs of Loux have been featured in Dandy Lion: (Re)Articulating Black Masculine Identity, an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College in Chicago. Hamese is part of a collective of South African artists and designers known as Khumbula. Loux collaborated with Khumbula on their project, “Love is African” in 2015.
Website: https://khumbula.wordpress.com/
Instagram: @harnesshamese



Website: http://louxthevintageguru.tumblr.com/
Instagram: @louxthevintageguru
Facebook: Lourens Loux Gebhardt
Twitter: @lourensgebhardt


header image: Tonyshouz