Screen shot 2016-06-15 at 4.38.09 PMAnthony Bila is a blogger of all trades. Bila presents himself through many forms of expression including photography, fashion, music, art, and writing, hence the name of his well-known blog, “The Expressionist.” Anthony Bila is a native South African who would like to “bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa.” Bila does just that through his blog from the variety of posts that showcase the many facets of South African culture and style. His inspiration and ideas come from anyone and everything that may influence him and believes that “we now have the power to curate and create” thanks to our technologically centered world. Bila sees a bright future for fashion in South Africa with its many young, emerging designers that bring a lot to the table, including fresh ideas and a contagious creative spirit.

We are an untapped market and a lot of the fashion in my opinion has transcended into art. We are a creative melting pot and anyone not from South Africa just has to peer into my country to find that out.

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