11953037_576947109124196_1678814022282570788_n copy.jpgQuin-leigh Hammond is a young, emerging designer whose aesthetic is minimalistic with clean lines and androgynous shapes. Her sources of inspiration range from music, colors and the fabric she uses. She grew up watching her grandmother work as a seamstress creating clothing and fell in love with fashion. Since receiving her BA at the University of Namibia with a major in Fashion and Textile Studies, Hammond has worked for both Melisa Poulton and Leap Holdings, which owns My Republik. She is working to establish her own brand, Honeycassie Designs, which she hopes will reach an international market. The fashion industry in Namibia has experienced tremendous growth in the past couple of years and Hammond sees it heading for even more growth in the coming years. She points to the infusion of traditional influences into modern trends as the distinctive quality of Namibian fashion.

Instagram: @honeycassiedesigns
Facebook:Honeycassie Designs


header image: courtesy of the designer
photo credit: Moments Photography Namibia